About Very Blue Farms, LLC

Providing Consumers with fresh blueberries specially packaged for their eatable needs.

​Very Blue Farms, LLC.

The Color of Health Is Very Blue!

Growing, harvesting, and protecting blueberries requires advanced knowledge of agricultural elements, food safety, and environmental protection. Very Blue Farms is committed to providing fresh quality blueberries through continuous improvement in food safety, technology and horticultural research. With hands-on training, we teach our employees and partners advanced methods that they'll need to grow a successful blueberry crop.


Very Blue Farms, LLC’s members and partners have over 25 years of experience and have a rich understanding of agricultural environments as well as the natural elements required to grow a healthy crop. 

Very Blue Farms is a family owned operation located in Covert, Michigan. We are growers and bring together an extended family, all which own and operate their own individual farm, giving personalized attention to each and every blueberry field. Covert is a community who's main industry is blueberries. Located in southwest Michigan only a few miles away from Lake Michigan makes it an ideal land for blueberry production. Contrary to other blueberry producing places in the world, the soil and humid climate in Covert is perfect for blueberry production. Blueberries grow natural here, demanding less cultivation, fertilizing and pesticides to grow a healthy crop.


Products and Services

Packaging and Wholesale

We strive to provide the freshest blueberries by adapting an "on demand" system in which we harvest and package our blueberries as orders come in. With this concept we eliminate extended storing and handling of raw product. We are able to accomplish this by working hand-on hand with our suppliers, growers, and customers.



Farm Maintenance

Need help planting, cultivating, pruning, or with Intergraded Pest Management (IPM)? Talk to one of our Field Managers and set up an appointment to prepare an estimate. We will be happy to assist you with bringing your farm up to date. 



Custom Harvesting

We have top of the line harvesters. We use Korvans by OXBO. With these harvesters we can accomplish hand-picked quality while protecting green berries for a good second or third harvest, and increase overall yields. You won't believe how much labor cost is reduced while protecting good quality!

Need even better quality? Talk to one of our crew leaders and set up a harvesting plan. We will be happy to assist you with hand picking your fields and give you the best return for your crop.